Wiring system, super five, six noun explanation and the difference between

Five refers to the ultra five kinds of Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair)

Unshielded twisted pair cable is much of twisted pair, and a plastic sheath. Five refers to the international electrical industry association as the twisted-pair cable definition of five different quality levels.

Super five kinds of unshielded twisted pair is on the part of the existing five types of shielded twisted-pair cable performance is improved after the cable, many performance parameters, such as near end crosstalk crosstalk and attenuation ratio, return loss and so on all have improved, but the transmission bandwidth of 100 MHZ.

Super five kind of twisted pair is also USES four around on the cord, and 1 line to the colors and five types of twisted-pair cable are exactly the same, respectively, white orange, orange, white, green, green, white and blue, blue, white, brown, and brown. Bare copper wire diameter is 0.51 mm (24 awg wire gauge), insulated wire diameter is 0.92 mm, UTP cable is 5 mm diameter.

Although the super five kind of unshielded twisted pair also can provide up to 1000 MB/s transmission bandwidth, but often rely on the support of the expensive special equipment. So, usually only be applied to 100 MB/s fast Ethernet, realization of desktop switches connected to the computer. If not prepared to later will be upgraded to gigabit Ethernet network, so might as well in a horizontal cabling is made of super five classes of shielded twisted-pair cable.

Six class refers to the six types of shielded twisted-pair cable

Six types of shielded twisted-pair cable has greatly increased in all kinds of parameters, the bandwidth is expanded to 250 MHZ or higher. Six kind of twisted pair in shape and structure with five classes or super 5 kinds of twisted pair has certain difference, not only increased the cross the skeleton of the insulation, the four pairs of line of twisted pair separately under cross skeleton four grooves, and the diameter of the cable is thicker.

Cable cross in the middle of the skeleton with the change of the length and Angle of rotation, the four pairs of twisted-pair cable card within the skeleton of the groove, maintain the relative position of four sets of twisted pair, improve the balance characteristic of cable and crosstalk attenuation. In addition, keep the balance structure of cable in the process of installation is not damaged. Six kinds of unshielded twisted pair copper wire diameter is 0.57 mm (wire gauge for 23 awg), insulated wire diameter is 1.02 mm, UTP cable diameter is 6.53 mm.

Cable difference

According to the electrical properties of different, twisted pair can be divided into three categories, five, five, six and seven twisted-pair cable. Different categories of twisted-pair cable price differs even disparity, scope of application are also quite different.

In addition to the traditional voice systems still use three kinds of twisted pair, network cabling is basically in the super class five or six unshielded twisted pair. Five kinds of unshielded twisted pair is still can support 1000 base-t, but because the price is almost the same with super five kinds of unshielded twisted pair, therefore, has gradually faded out wiring market.

Six kind of unshielded twisted pair, although the price is higher, but with the ultra five types of cabling system has the very good compatibility, and able to support 1000 base-t is very good, so is slowly become the latest must-haves in the integrated wiring. Seven types of shielded twisted-pair cable because it is a kind of brand-new wiring system, while performance is excellent, but because of the expensive. Construction is complex and can choose the product is less, so rarely used in wiring project.

Six types of shielded twisted-pair cable can support gigabit Ethernet is very well, and implement the transmission distance of 100 m. Therefore, six wiring system is widely used server room wiring, and the level of retains the ability to upgrade to gigabit Ethernet cabling. According to the wiring standard ISO 11801, wiring system of life expectancy, at least for 10 years. As a long-term investment, integrated wiring should give full consideration to the development of the network's potential demand and wiring system, therefore, under the condition of capital allows, suggest choose six product building wiring system.

If considering the application requirement of network in the future, in theory should be installed the most advanced cabling products, because after the installation of cable is often difficult to update replacement, basically, a wiring system to apply at least 10 years as a standard, can support 4 to 5 generations of the performance of the network equipment update, if in the future network equipment need to be better cable to improve the speed of data.

So, six types of cable to use instead of super five type of cable is inevitable, but the cable back to form engineering is very expensive, so even though six product prices relatively in five kinds of products are more expensive, but in order to reduce the network upgrade in the future, six kind of product is still worth considering.

Six class

Belden IBDN goal in over 40 was developed high-performance wiring system can still run normally, and at the end of 1999 officially launched IBDN 4800 lx system, its final index of 300 MHZ bandwidth, at 50 still reach 6 class standard of performance index of 20 . In order to distinguish it from normal 6 class wiring system, the bandwidth performance far exceeds the wiring of 6 class called super six classes.

Most of the 6 classes with the same brand layout class wiring USES the same module and jump line, so they are the main difference on the cable. IBDN to exceed 6 class cable 4800 lx the goal from the start will be normal operation under high temperature, so the cable structure is one of the features large wire diameter, the diameter of the transmission conductor from ordinary 6 class of 0.5 mm (24 awg) increased to 0.6 mm (23 awg); Also has a certain manufacturer in the first 6 class cable adopted the approach of 24 awg and try our best to improve the NEXT, but in 2002 to improve the wire diameter to the 23 awg cable. Another characteristic is in 4 twisted pair with cross line of separation between the pair. No cross space, cable, may be in another pair of a pair of wires in the gap between the two wire, wire to increase with the decrease of the spacing between the crosstalk problems. Splitter with the sheath of the cable at the same time will be 4 to wire tightly fixed in the position of its design, and can slow down the cable due to bending line on the loose, thus reducing installation time performance. 4800 lx is one of the first article adopts cross separation exceed six types of cables, then imitated the cable with similar technology.