Security system, the application of several major features of the wiring products

A, generalized

Both CCTV television monitoring, access control, anti-theft alarm, fire alarm, public broadcasting, intelligent wiring, automatic remote meter reading system cannot leave the country-and cable etc. If compared security system for the human body, then applied to the security system of wire and cable products are like in the blood vessels and meridians in the human body, its universality is self-evident. It can be said that wire and cable is the most widely used in the system of the product.

Second, the species diversity

Security system includes communication, video image transmission, computer, electrical control, and many other technology, so the cable products according to different technical requirements in the security system application scope is very broad, the diversity of products is very obvious. Cable industry the five categories of products: bare wires and bare conductor products, winding wire, power cable, telecommunication cable and optical fiber cable, electrical equipment with wire and cable all have used in the security industry. With power cable, telecommunication cable and optical fiber cable, electrical equipment with wire and cable applied most widely. Often used in the products of security engineering system respectively: (coaxial cable of the radio frequency, the city telephone line and communication cable, telecommunications equipment in communication cable, fiber optic cable, general plastic insulated wire, copper core PVC sheathed flexible cable, copper and shielding soft cable, copper core PVC sheathed control cable, audio cable, computer cable, composite cable engineering more than a dozen major categories, more than five hundred kinds of products. In addition, flame retardant fire-resistant, high temperature resistant low temperature resistance, low inductance, low noise, green environmental protection, low smoke zero halogen and a series of unique properties and the special structure of products is also more and more applied in the security system.

Three, not inconvenient () change of sex

According to the regulations of the state in all kinds of security engineering construction standard requirements, are concealed work, the vast majority of wiring project usually cannot be open wire laying. Therefore, design and construction must be according to the different construction environment and wiring trunking, line pipe and all kinds of cable tray, wear a tube in the shaft, inside the wall, floor carpet, ceiling, and quite common, part of the overhead. This determines the cable laying in construction after the completion of maintenance or replacement of inconvenience or not.

Four, high localization

Wire and cable industry in our country since the founding of new China, from scratch, since the childhood, achieve development by leaps and bounds. So far, both in process equipment and product technology research and development at or close to the world's advanced level. Wire and cable industry products to meet domestic demand rate is as high as 95% above, the domestic market to meet rate has reached more than 90%, product production capacity has greatly more than the domestic market demand, a large number of wire and cable products are exported to all over the world, the international well-known cable companies are scrambling for domestic cable companies processing (OEM). So in all kinds of engineering system security industry at present, except a handful of special cable imported from abroad, the vast majority of the chosen are domestic products, GuoChanLv above 98%. While with the rapid development of domestic research and development ability and the level of science and technology, and other mainstream products in the security system engineering in localization rate increase gradually, but so far, the cable product is the most outstanding performance in terms of localization.