About the network cabling in the actual application

With the social rapid development, various industries, departments, and home users' demand for information is more and more big, the development of computer network technology is to realize the transmission of large capacity, fast speed to provide the possibility, so more and more units and home users started to consider how to effective layout, install network telecommunication lines, so that the future can easily connected to the LAN or the Internet, so as to realize high speed, large capacity of data, voice, image transmission, to say the effective network cabling for the structure of the communication, computer network systems, such as building a strong foundation. So what should we to buildings or other network communication system for effective network on-line, the following author according to own understanding, to talk to you detailed key issues that should be paid attention to when network cabling.

To improve the recognition of importance of network cabling

Only fully understand the importance of network wiring, we can in the process of actual network cabling, let have a more systematic, standardization and rationalization of cables. For a structured, systematic network cabling can let unit users and individual users to take full advantage of the rapid development of the technology, the technology can be for any equipment in all systems, have a material impact. For the systematic arrangement, network line due to the sharing standard system of factors, so it can easily and quickly the communications equipment installation, commissioning, replacement and maintenance, thus the user of this can obtain ideal investment efficiency in return.

Through the study of the system arrangement of cables, not only can ensure the flexibility and extensibility in the future of network scalability, but also facing after the system maintenance workload and the cost of system maintenance, all control to a minimum as much as possible. System was carried out on the network line layout is also can be seen as the network communication system to construct a platform of engineering performance good, use the platform for the whole building or the whole system of communication network communication has great flexibility and generality, and have a very good price performance ratio, for example, according to the experience of the author network cabling system on the whole floor or the whole building for wiring can reduce network communication maintenance personnel to half of their original cost. Due to the systematic and structured network wiring system is a diversified features of star physical structure, it can be applied to different topology structure of network system. Only in the appropriate nodes, some of changes on the layout, don't need to move the cable and equipment. So once the network system, at the time of change to rationalize cable arrangement more can reflect the advantage of its own.

Network wiring required products should be of the same manufacturer

Due to network cabling used network products, such as ordinary five types of twisted pair or crystal top is a weak signal transmission, slightly has carelessly may affect the overall performance of network communication. The performance of various network products on the market at present is more, some manufacturer production line quality may be better, some manufacturer may produce crystal head use effect is obvious, also some manufacturer to produce a network interface module is the highest cost performance, in order to concentrate all the advantages of these products, many simple network cabling is often thought, if these products are combined to a system network cabling, could make to minimize network traffic signal attenuation amplitude, which can achieve the best effect of communication. Actually such understanding is not correct, once you have these different manufacturer production of high-performance products for use in integrated in one system, not only can not achieve what we imagine to such communication effect, instead of communication effect will be worse.

Because different manufacturers of the impedance of the network product its internal material is different, the subtle differences in impedance can to a large impact on signal attenuation of high speed communication network, so as to affect the quality of the whole network communication system's communication. Maybe some people say that they is to use in the network cabling network products of different manufacturers, like speed and no significant decrease? In fact, a system using a different network products, to the influence of the network exchange rate under 10 m really very small, sometimes can't through the manual way to compare, but if the 100 m or more high speed network system using a different network products to network cabling, network exchange rate will eventually have obvious change. So I suggest whether to which network system network cabling, we'd better use the network of the same manufacturer production product, so are likely to get the manufacturer to give us the communication quality of 15 years or so.

Attributed to network cabling the holistic and systemic, therefore this request before wiring, we should be cautious and conscientious, do fully investigation and study, collect related data network cabling, such as the need to network wiring of building design drawings, wiring considerations and details, etc., at the same time should be comprehensive considering the construction progress and application of network cabling needs, and the content of the economic conditions, etc.

If building is under construction for network wiring, wiring will be according to the requirements of the building design, building the network cabling, go to the specific needs of implementation, channel, for example, put forward the fluctuation floor room line specifications, some embedded pipe and so on. These demands can be reflected in the design of the building, in order to put some network at the same time in the construction of the wiring in the early stage of the project is completed, to exempt the disadvantages of many later construction, reduce duplication of work, improve work efficiency, achieve the reasonable and feasible. If it is on the basis of has built buildings, with a simultaneous indoor decoration engineering integrated wiring, should according to the analysis of actual observation and grasp the existing building materials and decoration design of integrated wiring.

Don't put a gleam of dual-use network line

When many designers in the layout of network line, in order to save investment cost, often with a network cable to connect a device at the same time, such as possible they will be separated from the twisted pair of a pair of lines to connect the telephone, are also likely to be at the same time two lines connected to the two network interface module, seemingly can improve the utilization rate of network line, actually the one line is multi-purpose is a great influence on the efficiency of network communication is, such as network line to one line is multi-purpose, it must be twisted around each other cable, such a twisted pair new ground point of damage occurs, the proximal string around the parameters of twisted pair will grow up and proximal series wound numerical increase impact on exchange network line transmission speed is great; Besides, with the rising of network exchange rate, gigabit speeds also in gradually popularization, authoritative and gigabit network using full-duplex transmission exchange way, this way to bring the network thread contains 8 to all use the cable, so from this perspective, to a line of multi-purpose network line is not conducive to the whole network system upgrades in the future.

We will strictly network cabling construction quality

On a larger scale of buildings or communication network system for network wiring, the power of computer technicians alone is not enough, so many institutions are construction personnel, please come to the entire network wiring system engineering, and most of these construction personnel don't know anything about network or computer knowledge, they will often take the network cabling and telephone lines, power lines and other line layout, so the workers in the concrete network cabling, won't consider various details of network cabling, such as network and interface module between wires, cables and connection of crystal head and network cable splicing of each cable in the details, if not strictly construction quality, the construction worker does not pay attention to the processing of these details, will be on Internet line transmission performance have a big impact.

And for users, they detect network line was good or bad, the only means is in the whole network cabling completion, simply use the network detection command "ping" look at the network connectivity, if ping network is considered the whole network cabling work is qualified. Network cabling is complete, in fact not simply examine whether Internet connected so simple, you also need to see if the network transmission speed reach the nominal value of network products, a construction quality is bad network wiring will be greatly discount on the transmission speed.

In addition, we must notice to an overall inspection of decorated cable systems, such as by cable tester is look at the first network line 8 cable connection in order to test whether switched on, the test for ordinary users can be very convenient, just buy a set of detector; For large scale and high requirements for transmission system network testing, must also pass special test checkpoints together is the overall situation of signal loss to point connection, if excessive loss of signal quality certainly does not pass, so construction of cable also near end crosstalk numerical test, we have to test all the lines between the near end crosstalk, one of the most bad line to the performance of the portfolio must meet the minimum requirements, the most basic guarantee to ensure network system operation.

In the test of cable at the same time, we need to do a good job, tag information point distribution frame and place each point number marked with label paper and marked on the floor plan, in order to manage the system in the future, use and maintenance. General acceptance are found in the two problems, which may be distribution frame not ready, may also be a module is not ready, there is another possibility is on the panel screws into the cable short circuit phenomenon, and so on. For network system comprehensive mark and testing has been completed, we should rearrange the network plan, and make the correct tags in the above, for maintenance purposes.