Wiring cable selection and procurement in the system

The selection of the cable

The cable should be selected according to the requirement of the system, technical performance, investment estimate and considering synthetically. In wiring system should first determine the type of use of cable and wiring structure (the shield wire, screen wire cable, fiber optic cable, or a joint together to use them). Cables are usually consists of 2 to 1800 line for multi-cores cable wiring system is usually used in the trunk, suitable for use in voice and low rate data application, its main line and level (hub to desktop) maximum length of the wiring system in the international standard ISO/IECIS11801 detail, it is important to note these limits the maximum length is applicable to all media, but does not take into account the different types of cable type and protocol used by network performance caused by the impact of differences. In fact, the biggest cable length will depend on the application of the system, the network type and the quality of the cable.

In addition, want to combine the application of wiring system needs to consider cable category selection. Super five such systems can run support gigabit Ethernet, and a different vendor's super five categories can interoperability between systems; Six class five class than expensive, but the bandwidth is expanded by 25%, there has been a marked increase transmission rate, six class system is a dedicated, each manufacturer of components has its unique design and the performance index, the possibility of a different vendor's components each small, indicators are still in the research of component; Using six cable should choose the same level and businessman, in the production of the plug-in devices for six class is special, each manufacturer of the product can not be exchanged.

The choice of shield and non shield wire, depend on the condition of the external electromagnetic interference, interference field strength is lower than 3 v/m, is generally not considered protective measures, jamming signal exceeds standard quantity can choose the shield wire. The price of shield wire is 1.2 ~ 1.6 times of shielded cable. Therefore, shielded cable is suitable for the severe electromagnetic interference region and high requirements for confidentiality.

Wiring system are given, meanwhile, needs, and to properly balance the future development, also cannot ignore the influence of external factors. As the foundation of building, the basic role of cabling system in the intelligent system determines its once completed it will be impossible to change in the short term, therefore wiring system has a longer life cycle -- 15 to 25 years.

The main scheme of choose and buy the current user

In the rapid development of science and technology today, if you don't consider development, is likely to be completed in wiring system, its products and its performance has been behind the needs of users. Isn't that selects the advanced product must be correct? Is not necessarily so. Too not only increased the investment in advance, and may and demand disconnect, waste of resources. In addition, such as network product performance, the bandwidth of the access lines, office equipment and other external factors, and to a large extent affects and restricts the product performance of the play, not synthetically considering the environmental conditions and one-sided pursuit of advanced products, will fall into the myth of the choose and buy products. According to the former in the face of user requirements and the selection principle analysis, the current user and the product layout scheme of choose and buy has the following three:

Is a high-end users, their requirements for all kinds of information processing and transmission speed is high, the product and the stability of system, security very seriously, well-funded, in media, sports venues, transportation, and hospital etc. The wiring systems use six or more higher, also consider using optical fiber with special needs. Media audio/video transmission in buildings, for example, the information flow of the frequency and field strength of the demand is higher, and the existence of radio interference sources is more, in order to avoid the transmission line between signal and interference of the electronic equipment, use shielding and fiber optic cabling system more. And as the field wiring system should pay attention to three aspects:

, outdoor venues should pay attention to moistureproof, prevent dust, prevent damage of the device and lightning-proof;

, want to consider to sports venues planar area is large, should be set up between multiple telecom, had better use optical cable communication between and among telecom;

, pay attention to the outdoor environment caused by aging and technical parameters and performance index of the device of decline.

So from a security perspective, we adopt blocking and fiber optic cabling system. And the characteristics of traffic building is the building area is larger, if it comes to unicom between different buildings, embodies the diminishing line along the cable in the form of, is a kind of extension type star network. Trunk cable routing is very long, appropriate USES fiber optic cabling system.

To involve the issue of mechanical and electrical equipment, electromagnetic interference, cable also should consider its shielding. Hospital is the most important is the need to consider cable for transmission bandwidth and electromagnetic interference problem of medical equipment, due to large hospitals occupied area, buildings, more complex functional requirements, to put it into a multi-functional building group, in accordance with the requirements for wire cloth between building design, in order to meet the needs of many conditions, using shielded wire + fiber optic cabling system more appropriate.

Second, intermediate users, mainly dealing with comprehensive data, voice, or multimedia information, has the certain scale, but the requirement of information transmission speed is not high, with intermediate office buildings, factories, schools, and intelligent residential area. This kind of building is usually done when the wiring is given priority to with optical fiber level wiring is made of super five types of copper (or six), voice circuit with three kinds of multi-cores copper. For example, the school building integrated wiring is a complex integrated wiring, more want to consider the construction of network backbone fiber. Also the function of the school, has a teaching building, experimental base, the public lecture hall, library, science museum and the students' dormitory, but the overall demand for network relative is not too high, so most of the level system will choose five types of cables. And, of course, does not rule out some individual sites will also consider to their needs, levels by six kind of cables, such as the science museum, etc.

3 it is ordinary users, mainly to achieve information transmission as the basic requirements, such as average house. Residential building integrated wiring has two characteristics:

, using household integrated wiring box to complete the wiring function, but there is no the information processing (e.g., exchange, storage, processing, transmission);

, the distribution management and handling of information do together, should actually be called "family information wiring devices", both the wiring function, and information exchange and transmission of telephone, Internet, area of the family, such as emergency call family intelligent control of information transfer and transfer, etc. Generally USES the pure copper cable wiring, it's a bargain.

In integrated wiring product line, there is a line of household solution, the solution products mainly adopts the font module, adopt the special design of a line of door way, can be in a super class 5 UTP cable transfer all the data and two phones at the same time, saving a lot of money for their investors, excellent cost performance.

Each active electrical and electronic equipment can produce electromagnetic interference to destroy network communication. With the increase of electronic equipment use, this problem is becoming more and more prominent. In the choice of cable and cable wiring consider, how to prevent electromagnetic interference in order to protect the communication is also a very critical problem.

Their choice of all network components, connectors and distribution frame, must all have the EMI interference measures. Use the shield wire, cable and connectors correct termination and good grounding cable sheath is very important. Any incomplete block will reduce the shielding layer of protection, thus reducing the efficiency of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Of the cable line should be in accordance with manufacturer's recommended method, should try to avoid potential interference signal source. Here, should give full consideration to the rapid development and the cables go line the indexes stipulated in the relevant international standards. Fluorescent lamp, elevator motor, automatic door and air conditioning units are potential electromagnetic interference sources. The old equipment, the greater the electromagnetic interference. For those who cannot avoid and overcome the electromagnetic interference sources, metal pipes can be closed to the use of the wiring system to provide additional protection. In the specific electromagnetic interference or sensitive environment, using optical fiber may be the only choice.


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